It is aimed at a good distribution of members from different climatic regions. Therefore IGUR membership is restricted to two representatives from each country (either the country in which the member works or his/her country of origin). Representatives must be fully conversant with precipitation studies in their countries and be prepared to disseminate information. Members must be actively working in areas related directly to precipitation data. A chairman is nominated from the IGUR members to serve for a period of three years. A re- nomination for one further period is possible. A secretary will be nominated if the IGUR considers it appropriate. A person responsible for the communication network has to be designated. At the end of each three year period the future of the IGUR will be reviewed to ascertain whether ist continuance is appropriate. Definite future project objectives must be identified at that time.

The IGUR, acting as an overall coordinating capacity, has no operating budget, and as a consequence no treasurer will be elected. Specific project groups will from time to time require a budget to undertake specific tasks. These groups, with a discrete life-span, may need as required to assign responsibility for financial management to one of their members. Corresponding membership of the IGUR will be available, whereby individuals who are themselves undertaking studies or investigations relating to aspects of precipitation, can directly receive minutes of the IGUR meetings and other correspondence. Such members are encouraged to submit written comments to the IGUR and may propose projects for IGUR sponsorship.